Thursday, August 23, 2018

LLBWS Activities That Are Outside the Fence with Chick Fil La

Chick-Fil-La Mascot is a real hit with kids of all ages as many want a photo opportunity. (Photo by John Green)

Believe it or not, today is the first time that I have ever eaten a Chick-Fil-La sandwich, but I upped the order to a complete meal. A complete meal was a big, thick, piece of chicken with a steamed bun. I was talked into their version of French Fries by the attendant. That is called a meal :) with sauce for the chicken and ketchup for the fries. I was impressed with how fast they had the order ready... 10 seconds from the time I handed the attendant my order slip completed by the line employee.

The cow is ready to dance with you on the side hill. (Photo by John Green)

On the hill at the right side of Lamade Stadium (As you look South) was another Chick-Fil-La activity center were you can dance with the COW mascot. Music was geared toward the older crowd. I wish Dancing Doris Myers could have been their so she could cut a rug. She is amazing and in her 90's and still very active. Anyway, it was a good day at the food line. I enjoyed the meal even though it was out of a carnival trailer type storefront. I will stop at a real Chick-Fil-La restaurant the next road trip and compare the difference. What is your experience with Chick-Fil-La?