Wednesday, August 15, 2018

2018 Little League Home Run Derby won by New England Region's Aiden Wilkins

(L) Aiden Wilkins and Yuta Shimizu
New England Regional champs presented Aiden Wilkins who faced the Japan Regional Champ Yuta Shimizu. Aiden Wilkins won the Virtual Reality playoff!
South Williamsport, PA - At 11:00am Little League held their Home Run Derby which features an entry player from each team. As they battle each other head to head, the winner moves up to the championship battle. But they did not hit a baseball, they had Virtual Reality headsets on and a VR bat. The program pitched every 10 seconds and they get points for home runs. They can also hit a multiplier to increase the score.

The Little League Derby was televised by ESPN3 and the ESPN app.
It was fun for the teams as it served as an ice breaker for them. Nice to see these teams interact with each other and chill out before the series begins. Also, when the team's player was batting, their team were really cheering and yelling especially on home runs hit. Little League is ready for the virtual reality world.

Canada enjoying the day!
The players now will be served food at the Pennsylvania College of Technology and then they head to the Grand Slam Parade.