Saturday, February 13, 2016

Jackie Robinson West Parents file a lawsuit against Little League and ESPN reporter

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From the Lawyer Herald
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The parents of the Jackie Robinson West players have filed a lawsuit against an ESPN reporter, the Little League Baseball, and the whistleblower after the baseball team was ripped off of its national championship in 2014.

A lawsuit against the defendant were filed by the parents of the 13 members of the team. As reported by ABC News, the lawsuit claims that officials of the Little League Baseball "concealed the ineligibility of team members in order to reap the benefits of notoriety and media attention", while they also claim that ESPN reporter Stephen Smith defamed them in one show.

The story of the Jackie Robinson West players started as a feel-good story when the African-American players rose to fame as they won the national championship title. However, according to Chicago Tribune, everything changed when an opposing coach, Chris Janes, revealed that some of the players lived outside the league's boundaries.
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