Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Jackie Robinson West Little League drops it's lawsuit against Little League

Better Times at the 2014 Little League World Series - A WOLnews File Photo
South Williamsport, PA - Little League filed its paperwork Thursday, with Little League spokesman Brian McClintock saying the group received notice afterward by mail that Jackie Robinson West filed a petition to withdraw the lawsuit. McClintock said "the response speaks for itself, and we have no further comment.
Only five of the team's players lived within league bourdaries

Why did Jackie Robinson West drop the lawsuit? Boundary maps submitted in May of 2015 did not match the maps submitted later in the tournament. Essentially, the Jackie Robinson team had only 5 players living inside the boundaries of it's league.

The Little League court filings state that the original league boundary map submitted in May when the team began tournament play accurately reflected the league boundaries but showed only five of the team's players lived within them. Maps submitted in September and December by Jackie Robinson West then showed that all players lived within the boundaries, according to the court documents.

"To repeat, discipline was imposed because JRW officials falsified the JRW boundary maps, and therefore used ineligible players," Little League said, alleging "fraud and cover-up."

Baseball is big business these days with winners getting scholarships, recognition and fame, so the pressure or temptation to not follow the rules is out there. It is the adults who knew better. Apparently the 2014 Jackie Robinson West All-Stars were a traveling league.

The question has come up on why Little League Baseball did not follow up on the names and addresses of the Great Lakes Champions? Well, there is an expectation of honesty, but the adults broke that expectation.

So the story of inspiration from the USA World Series Champions and that trip to the White House with President Obama is a sad reminder of honesty, integrity and loyalty.

If adults would just follow the Little League Pledge this type of thing would not happen:
I trust in God 
I love my country 
And will respect its laws 
I will play fair 
And strive to win 
But win or lose 
I will always do my best.

Note: Some information from ESPN was used in this article.

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