Wednesday, August 21, 2013

West Father gets a sub from local Newberry Sub Shop

WOLnews Photo - Catcher Patrick Archer
Williamsport, PA - I was sitting in the Newberry Sub Shop in Newberry, PA (West part of Williamsport) and in walks this man that looked familiar to me. I listened as he asks some questions about the menu selection. He is confident, polite and seems to know what he wants. He orders his sub to go. At about the same time, my cheesesteak comes to my table. I mentioned that the cheese-stakes here are the best in town, and it looked extra good today.

When the man turned around, he ask me a question, "Are you John?" I acknowledged that I was and he says that I was the person who interviewed him at Little League a number of days ago. Small world isn't it I thought.

The man I interviewed before the West's first game was Mark Archer and his son Patrick catches for the team. Well tonight, the West (2-0) will play the New England (2-0) in an 8:00pm game at Lamade Stadium and broadcast on ESPN.

This is always the nicest thing for me about the Little League World Series, meeting nice people from all over the world. You never know where it will happen or when, but it happens a lot and I really enjoy meeting new people.

To the West squad, parents and friends and the New England team, parents and friends, we in Williamsport hope that the World Series is more than you expected, the hometown people friendlier than you had anticipated, and your stay remembered longer than you ever dreamed.  Have fun, enjoy the game and remember, you are all champions of Little League as you made it to the Little League World Series.