Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stephen Keener and Dr. Gilmour discuss enjoying Little League Team PicnicS

Little League President and CEO Stephen Keener and Chairman of Little League Baseball. Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour
Little League President and CEO Stephen Keener makes a point with Chairman of Little League Baseball, Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour.

About Stephen D. Keener
Stephen D. Keener joined the executive staff of Little League Baseball, Incorporated in 1980. In 1994 he was elected president of the organization by Little League’s International Board of Directors and in 1996 he was elected its Chief Executive Officer. Under his leadership, Little League has expanded its reach around the world, improved its service to volunteers, responded to changes in technology and society, and expanded its leadership role in youth sports safety.

When Mr. Keener took office in 1994, Little League was already widely recognized as the world’s largest youth sports organization, with more than 2 million players in approximately 80 countries. In the middle and late 1990s, international baseball experienced a growth phase that ultimately brought the Little League program to more than 3 million participants in more than 100 countries. Responding to this rapid expansion worldwide, Mr. Keener led the launch of Little League’s capital campaign, “A World of Opportunity.” The campaign sought to grow the Little League Baseball World Series from eight teams to 16 teams, to establish a leadership and training center to serve Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and to expand Little League’s use of technology in service to local volunteers in communities worldwide. Successfully completed in 2001, the campaign has helped ensure the future of Little League.

As the program has grown, Mr. Keener has also recognized the importance of providing volunteers with more of the tools they need to serve the children who play and the communities who choose to join the Little League movement. He has presided over the launch of the ASAP safety program, which has reduced injuries to players and volunteers; the Coach and Manager Training Program, which provides education in baseball and softball training techniques; and the Little League Child Protection Program, which seeks to identify those who would take advantage of children and exclude them from Little League’s volunteer ranks.

The safety and well-being of children has been one of Little League’s guiding principles since its founding in 1939. In service to that goal, Mr. Keener also has taken a leadership role in the broader youth sports arena, speaking out on topics as diverse as background checks for volunteers, equipment safety, and pitch counts to protect young arms. In 2004, Little League became the first international youth sports organization to require that volunteers submit to an annual background check. In 2007, Little League Baseball instituted a rule that limited the number of pitches that could be thrown in a day, as well as the amount of rest required, based on the age of the pitcher. Mr. Keener’s leadership has led to other mandatory safety enhancements including bases that disengage from their anchors to lessen foot and leg injuries, dangling throat protectors for catchers, and elimination of the on-deck circle for ages 12 and under.

Mr. Keener’s achievements in service to Little League also include the successful negotiation of television contracts, first with ABC Sports and now with ESPN. These contracts not only have brought direct benefits to local leagues, but expanded the number of Little League World Series games seen around the world on television, including games from every other division of Little League Baseball and Softball. Mr. Keener has also given volunteer recognition a high priority in the organization, establishing and expanding the Little League Awards Program. Finally, Mr. Keener is also the guiding force behind relationships with Little League’s family of corporate sponsors.

Mr. Keener is a native of the Williamsport area, where he still resides with his wife, Cheryl. They are the parents of two sons and a daughter. All three of their children have been or continue to be Little League participants. He is a graduate of Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pa.

About Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour
Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour is the President of the Pennsylvania College of Technology.  Penn College, a special mission campus of the Pennsylvania State University, is Pennsylvania’s premier technical college.

Dr. Gilmour joined the College in 1977 as an instructor and curriculum developer in the dental hygiene program.  In 1983, she accepted the first of many administrative positions, which included coordinator of dental hygiene, division director for Health Sciences, and dean of instruction.  In 1993, she became the College’s highest-ranking academic officer—vice president for academic affairs, and in 1996, she assumed the position of vice president for academic affairs and provost.  On May 4, 1998, Dr. Gilmour became president of Pennsylvania College of Technology.

She has earned her Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in health education from The Pennsylvania State University as well as a B.S. in dental hygiene education and an A.S. in dental hygiene from West Liberty State College.  Prior to beginning her career in education, she was a dental hygienist for a number of Harrisburg area dentists.

Among her community affiliations and professional activities:

  • Little League International Board of Directors, Chairman of the Board
  • First Community Foundation of Pennsylvania Board, Chairman of the Board
  • Central Pennsylvania Workforce Development Corporation Board of Directors, Chair of CareerLink Operations Committee
  • Susquehanna Health Board, Chairman of Facilities Development Committee for Project 2012, Secretary to the Board
  • Community Arts Center Board of Directors, President
  • Williamsport-Lycoming Chamber of Commerce Board, Served as Chairman for two terms, current member of the Executive Committee
  • Penn College Foundation Board of Directors
  • Middle States Commission on Higher Education, Commissioner

Awards and recognition:

  • Lycoming County Brotherhood County USA 2002, Brotherhood Award, for outstanding leadership in promoting the cause of good will, and understanding among all the people of Lycoming County
  • Celebration of Life Award, 2000 from State of Israel Bonds
  • Wise Woman of the Year Award, 1999 by Williamsport YWCA